Nontraditional Wedding Expos at their finest!

This past Sunday was the Lovesick Wedding Expo.  Tom and Jon from Hi-Society Entertainment promised a fun, bridal show extravaganza like no other, and boy, did they deliver!  Venue host, World Cafe Live, was full to the brim with alternative vendors, young upstart companies, unique ideas, beautiful displays, and – best of all – the raffle produced over $800 for the local non-profit Children Can Shape the Future.

The theme for my little 4-foot space was “Recycled Music Thrift” – playing off the rock and roll location and the day’s ecofriendly theme.  Quite a few folks stopped by a snapped photos of the details – hopefully I provided some inspiration for future Philadelphia weddings!

Check out the photos in the slideshow (shot by Love Me Do Photography, who also had one of the coolest displays I saw all day).  If you missed the event, here are a couple ideas you might like to incorporate into your wedding!

1) I made an upcycled centerpiece of a three-tiered wedding cake.  The bottom tier was 12″ LPs, the middle tier was 7″ 45s, and the delicious top tier was CDs.  I put a jazzed up Martha Stewart cake topper on top, and decorated the whole thing with hand-folded flowers made from old bridal magazines.

2) Using a metallic paint pen, I wrote table numbers on 45s and rested them upright on small plate holders.

3) Thinking of giving out CDs as favors?  Write the guests’ names in the spine and double-dip by making them your escort cards as well.

4) Instead of a typical guestbook, use the inside of a two-fold album cover and let guests sign in Sharpie or paint pen.

5) I gave away old LP’s as swag – wedding planners don’t have cupcakes or free dance lessons to give away, but everyone likes a little music, or at least a cool album cover to frame and display!

Here are the photos for your viewing pleasure.  Got any good “music inspired” wedding decor ideas I didn’t think of?  Share them in the comments!

[slideshare id=6534929&doc=lovesickslideshow-110112160944-phpapp02]

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  • Sara
    January 26, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    I so wish I could have gone to that expo! Your table looks awesome. I love the folded flowers.

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