Wedding Venue: Philadelphia Horticulture Center

UPDATE: I have had the pleasure of seeing four couples down the aisle at the Horticulture Center.  Here you can see a beautiful video of this awesome venue in action (Courtesy of the brilliant CinemaCake Filmmakers), and here is a gorgeous wedding and the gorgeous photos taken by Nadine at Love Me Do Photography. Below is my posting after seeing the venue for the first time.  I think you would agree – it’s pretty spectacularly pretty.

I am so taken with this venue, I had to post the pictures I just received.  When I visited the Philadelphia Horticulture Center there was snow on the ground but it was still extremely beautiful.  One of the best things about this wedding venue is that the “Plan B” spaces (in case of rain) are just as beautiful as the “Plan A” space!  There are vibrant plants and flowers everywhere, even in the dead of winter.

Please enjoy the photos – sent to me by Morgan at Starr Restaurants Catering – the exclusive caterer for the Horticulture Center.  As someone who has had her fair share of Starr food, I’d say the relationship is a win/win.

Ceremony location for wedding at Philadelphia Horticulture Center

Outdoor Ceremony Location (Photo by Shira Yudkoff)

Garden for Cocktail Hour at Philadelphia Horticulture Center

Cocktail Hours or Alternative Ceremony Location

Lounge at Wedding at Philadelphia Horticulture Center

A lounge-y alternative for the Greenhouse

Wedding Reception at the Philadelphia Horticulture Center

Dinnertime at the Horticulture Center (Photo by Shira Yudkoff)

  • carina
    January 15, 2011 at 4:04 pm

    seriously, this is my favorite place to take pictures in all of philadelphia. i’ve done a couple of commercial and wedding shoots here and can only dream of having my wedding here some day.

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