Do I need a wedding planner?

If you’re asking yourself that question, then you just might. Not all wedding planners are Martin Short from “Father of the Bride.” You are hiring an ally to help you get exactly what you want, within your budget, and with as little stress to you and yours as possible. Above all else, I’m at your service to make sure that your wedding represents you and to make sure you can enjoy the day. I frequently tell couples to think of me as a “midwife” – it’s not my baby, but I’m there to make sure things go to plan and to troubleshoot problems if they arise.

Can I hire you just for the “day of” the wedding?

Short answer: No. Long answer: I don’t believe there truly is such a thing as “day of” service. Whether you’ve been working with a couple since the day after they got engaged, or you just showed up the day of the wedding, you are the point person on the wedding day to make sure things go to plan. And it’s so much more difficult to do your job if you don’t know the plan! For my most basic service, I get to work about 4-6 weeks ahead of the wedding date, connecting with all the vendors and documenting information about every little detail. I wouldn’t want to give any of my clients less attention than the minimum needed to do a good job and to really relieve their stress on the wedding day.

You’re a wedding planner? Just like Jennifer Lopez!

Not quite. For starters, I’ve never stolen a groom. And more to the point, I never trust a wedding planner in 4-inch heels. I’ve had to sprint after limos, climb ladders, and stand at attention for 12 hours a day. Flats all the way.

Can you help with setup and break down?

Absolutely! I will work with you to determine what needs to be done, how many people it will take to do it, and whether we need additional staff to complete everything in time and create a relaxed, enjoyable experience for you and your guests!

Do you have specific vendors that you’ll work with?

Do I have vendors I love working with? Of course! There are some fantastic vendors I’ve had the pleasure of working with time and again and I recommend them to my clients at every opportunity. Having said that, the nature of my job is that I work with MANY different vendors all the time. So I am ready, willing, and able to work with any vendors you want. And I have a long list of vendors I trust when it comes time to find ones that will fit in best with your wedding style and budget. Do I receive any financial compensation for referring specific vendors? No. The couple times I’ve been offered a “kick-back,” I’ve asked that the money be applied as a discount for my clients instead.

Do you work alone?

Never. Every wedding I attend I bring along a trained assistant. Often, that person is my Associate Planner, Dina. Dina also has access to all the wedding details so in the event of an emergency (knock wood), you’d still be covered on your wedding day!

What is your opinion about…?

IMPO: Han shot first (that’s a fact), Ravenclaw, Team Logan, Superman would win, David Tennant, Jon Snow, Sean Connery, The Hobbit films were terrible, and I have VERY strong feelings about a Labyrinth sequel.