Winter Wedding Planning Tips


Oh the weather outside is frightful (if you aren’t prepared). Tomorrow morning I will leaving Philadelphia for a quick 2 day jaunt up to Rickett’s Glen State Park to cabin-camp in the snowy, silent landscape, take in a frozen waterfall or two, and have some good, clean outdoor fun. In honor of my wintry getaway, here are a few tips to consider from a Philadelphia wedding planner with cold nose/toes/fingers/feet syndrome!

How to Stay Warm for your Winter Wedding

1) Layers: Not Just For Cake! There is plenty of room under that big skirt of yours for a nice insulating layer. Click here for a nice article from the experts at REI about layering. My personal recommendation for an especially cold day would be a pair of heavyweight long underwear bottoms. Bonus: You can find them in the color “Something Blue.”  Once you’re done with your cute outdoor pictures, they come off in a jiffy.  And no worries –  you can easily squeeze a pair of base layers under your suit.

2) Guests get cold too, so keep them in mind when making decisions. It might be really fun to have a your families compete in a snowball fight, but let it happen spontaneously with willing participants. Make sure both your reception AND your ceremony are heated (and remember, churches have high ceilings and heat rises).

3) Hot Toddy, Hot Buttered Rum, Mulled Apple Cider, Mulled Red Wine, Hot Chocolate (with or without Peppermint Schnapps), Hot Moroccan Style Mint Tea, Coffee, Irish Coffee, Fancy-You-Can-Only-Get-It-At-Starbucks Coffee… the list goes on. A warm drink before the ceremony or as a specialty cocktail during the reception will melt the ice off you and your wedding guests.

4) Want an at-home reception for 150 guests but can’t fit that many in your house? You need a tent, and a well heated one at that. If this is what you’re going for, break out the checkbook because a safe and cozy tent is going to cost. If you don’t have enough for a tent AND heating system, wait until spring.

5) Pick a venue with a working fireplace. And then seat Grandmom in front of it. She’ll thank you, I promise!

Need a little more inspiration? Here are some great snow pictures – enjoy!

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