Alternative Versions of Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight"

I periodically like to write about alternative wedding songs – new, independent artists, forgotten gems, lesser known cover songs, and quite a bit of Springsteen. If you’re an alternative bride and music aficionado and have suggestions, please e-mail me at natalie (at) I’m always looking for new music!

Wonderful Tonight
Eric Clapton, 1977

The original really has it all – Clapton’s guitar prowess, beautiful lyrics, and a tempo that anyone can dance to, even if you have two left feet. If you love this song, but would like an alternative option for your first dance song, here are a few selections.

Pickin’ On Clapton has a really fun bluegrass instrumental version – it starts off slow and then picks up the pace so you and your love can surprise guests with a little fast and fancy footwork. For any brides having a barn or rural reception, this is a great option.

Gregory Isaacs offers up a great reggae version – slow and sweet but it has that wonderful uplifting reggae beat.

If you’re doing a fun retro wedding and want something a little loungey, Michael Buble has a great version to dance to in your tea length gown or black and white wing tips.

A capella fans will be happy to know that Rockapella has a version (in fact, Rockapella has versions of just about every love song ever.)

Did I miss any versions worth mentioning?

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  • Gregg Hollmann
    February 3, 2011 at 3:47 pm


    These are great ideas on a timeless song. I will be turning 40 years old this year, and Wonderful Tonight was the big ballad of my senior prom back in 1989! As a DJ, I still get requests for the original version of this song (and it usually fills the floor). That said, your suggested alternatives provide couples the chance to apply a unique twist to a classic song. For weddings in particular, songs that are familiar to guests of all ages tend to work best, effectively bridging the age gap.


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