Planning a Wedding or Event at Philadelphia Water Works Restaurant

photo photo-2 photo-3 Wedding Planning at Philadelphia Water Works photo-5 photo-6Last night I had the pleasure of being invited to an open house for wedding and event planners at Philadelphia’s lovely Water Works Restaurant.  I have visited Water Works a number of times with clients, but haven’t yet had the good fortune to have an event there (maybe 2013 is the year my luck changes?)

If you’re not familiar with Water Works, you’ve clearly never driven 76 East or Kelly Drive.  Water Works is a landmark venue, nestled in between Center City and Boathouse Row, in the shadow of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, on the banks of the Schuylkill River.  (By the way, if you can type “Schuylkill” correctly, you’ve earned your Philadelphia merit badge.)  The setting couldn’t get much more picturesque, and they’ve got an indoor wall of water in addition to some lovely chandeliers in their intimate ballroom.  If you’re looking to plan a wedding or nonprofit event in Philadelphia and you want a breathtaking view, easy access to the entire city, and great customer service, definitely give Water Works a ring.  (And if you need someone to help plan that wedding or event, give me a ring too!)

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