This Day in Celebrity Weddings: Henry the Eighth and Katherine of Aragon!

Til Anne Boleyn do us part...

For a moment, let’s forget how this fairy tale ended and instead fantasize about a decadent, Tudor-style, Spanish-infused, royal wedding.  Since The Knot wasn’t around on June 11, 1509 to capture detailed shots of the dress, the bouquet, or the escort cards (and I’ll leave it to the historians to let me know if they even HAD escort cards), let’s pretend, shall we?

For a fiery, Spanish princess, I’m sure Catherine was bedazzled with the finest gems.  Etsy has plenty of options if you’d also like to be draped in garnets, pearls, or Tudor replica jewerly.  Try Dragonpipes if you’re on a budget or Green Goddess Vintage if you’re on a larger budget.  After all, Catherine got to keep her head, so why not celebrate that small victory by wearing as much jewelry as your neck can carry!

Off with her head! Green Goddess Vintage Collection on Etsy

According to Renaissance Magazine, royal weddings were paid for by marriage taxes levied on landowners until the 1550s.  When the entire country is footing the bill, why not splurge on a coronation banquet at Westminster Hall?  Your FMIL refuses to fly overseas?  Then maybe Elkins Estate is a better, and equally fabulous, choice.

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(Seriously, if you want to feel like a princess and still beat Phillies’ traffic, this is the place.)

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