This Day in Celebrity Weddings: Harry Houdini and Wilhemina Beatrice Rahner!

Next time someone gives you gruff for getting engaged too soon, you can say “At least I didn’t elope with a magician after only knowing him for 3 weeks!”  For Wilhemina Beatrice Rahner, the same could not be said.  After a brief, magical courtship in 1894, she and her carnival companion tied the knot on Coney Island.

For some, the idea of saying your eternal vows under the glowing light of the Cyclone might not seem traditional enough for you.  Where’s your sense of adventure?  I don’t know that I’d want to trade smashing cake in my husband’s face with sawing him in half, but a boardwalk wedding is just the right blend of celebratory and fun.  To see how Coney Island has treated couples in the past, check out these bridal blogs for some ideas.

Paisley and Gene couldn’t make it to Brooklyn, so they brought the carnival to them!

And Frank and Natalie win the award for “Coolest Use of Photo Booths for Save the Dates Ever.”

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