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Philadelphia Nontraditional Wedding Planner Review

Not everyone is lucky enough to plan a wedding for a writer, but when your bride is the former arts editor of a newspaper, it’s really exciting to read what she has to say!  Carolyn was especially kind in her recent review (and take a peek at yesterday’s blog post for their wedding photos and details!)

My Right Arm    posted 6/8/2013

My newly minted husband and I have nothing but warm, fuzzy feelings toward our appointed Wedding Coordinator/Lifesaver/Right Arm, Natalie Diener. Hiring her was easily the smartest money we spent.

Because we chose the DIY-wedding route, we had a lot of responsibilities, including buying alcohol for 215 people, decorating a challenging reception space (our venue, the Icebox at Crane Arts, is a former walk-in freezer so it’s literally a big, white, windowless box), and figuring out the smartest and most effective ways to spend our money. Natalie saved the day with all these things, taking multiple burdens off our shoulders, counseling us and seriously shrinking our to-do list. 

Totally focused and present, Natalie took care of all those little details my husband and I spent months fretting about. She made sure all our vendors had their checks. She hung 150 pieces of artwork on the walls. She hauled 30+ cases of alcohol from our home in South Philly to our venue. She met with our caterer and kept everything on track. She got us a great deal on rented furniture. She took responsibilities off our parents’ hands so they could sit back and enjoy the day. 

She made it look easy, which put our minds at ease. In short: highly recommend!

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