iPod Wedding

Let the music play

iAM currently planning an “iPod wedding” – a wedding that will feature a portable mp3 player instead of a disc-jockeying, announcement-making, dancefloor-shaking Master of Ceremonies. Maybe you have an allergic reaction to the Chicken Dance, want an alternative music option, or simply looking to save a little money on your Big Day. An iPod wedding does have its benefits, but take a few tips before plugging in (and tuning out).

1) An iPod alone does not an iPod wedding make. You will still need speakers (yes, big ones), all sorts of cabling, and… a microphone (not to mention something to plug it into). If none of your friends are sound engineers, it would be in your best interest to hire a DJ anyway. The good news is that you might find one who is willing to run your iPod for a reduced rate, but who still takes on the responsibility of making sure the speakers work. Don’t forget your Best Man speech needs to be amplified too – you wouldn’t want anyone to miss that embarrassing story about college or that time you did that thing when you were 5 years old!

2) It is just as imperative that Great Aunt Myrtle shake a tail feather as your high school aged cousin. Song selection for this group will be tough. A wedding is, after all, a multigenerational party so you need to mix a little Tony Bennett alongside “My Humps.” It’s a celebration and the best compliment we can aim for is “Wow, I had a WONDERFUL time celebrating with you!”

3) “It’s fun to stay at the YYYYYYYY M C…….” Make sure to listen to EVERY song on your playlist from start to finish. Sometimes the cat bumps the computer while you’re uploading and the mp3 skips a beat, sometimes you forget that the version of “Eternal Flame” you downloaded cuts off in the middle. Make sure to quality control your wedding dance before it brings the party to a halt. (If you want to brush up on some Classic First Dance songs, peek here.)

Remember, if it’s in your budget there is no substitute for a good DJ.
And by “good DJ” I mean one that will entertain all your requests,
even if all you request is “no ‘Chicken Dance'”.

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