Wedding Planning Client Review!

The lovely couple as photographed by the talented Lora Reehling

I am humbled and thankful to receive such nice compliments from such a nice couple! Anne and Mike were literally the sweetest people I’ve met in recent memory and helping them bring their wedding day to life was an honor. We had a beautiful day at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia. Thanks, newlyweds!

“If I had to give one piece of advice to brides-to-be, it would be this: Hire a wedding planner. No wait, let me clarify: Hire Natalie Diener as your wedding planner. We hired Natalie to assist us with the entire wedding planning process, from finding vendors to coordinating on the day of the event. Natalie came with us to vendor appointments, asked the right questions, negotiated for us, and made sure everyone was on the same page and ready for the big day. While these services were invaluable, it was at the rehearsal and on the wedding day itself that Natalie really shined. She took care of every detail, allowing me, my husband, and our guests to simply sit back and enjoy the day. You know you’ve hired a good wedding planner when every question you ask her ends with “I’ve already taken care of that.” Even our officiant said that she wants to permanently hire Natalie to take with her to each wedding from now on! Natalie and the 2 assistants she brought to the wedding were professional, attentive, extremely organized, and just a joy to have with us on our special day. Thank you, Natalie!”

(Posted to on 5/9/2012)

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