A quick hello from this busy (and grateful) wedding and event planner

philadelphia horticulture center wedding

Photo by Philip Gabriel Photography

Friends and followers – hello again!  Since my last update in March, I wrapped up a couple big ol’ events.  Sorry for being away for so long!

I’ll post a longer story about Jacob and Nehama’s spring wedding once the beautiful photos come back from the genius photographer, but until that moment comes you can enjoy the video below.

Take note of how the couple just glows and how the vendors really pulled out all the stops on this one…
Dave at Cinemacake is brilliant (as evidenced by this video).
I cannot wait to see the photos by Gabe and Gabe from Philip Gabriel Photography.
Jeff and Rob from Natural Designs Floral made the chuppah outdoors, flowers and centerpieces look like they just grew right out of the Philadelphia Horticulture Center and made the whole kit and kaboodle sustainable as well.
And the kosher menu prepared by Peachtree and Ward was so fun and tasty – Jewish deli delights for mocktail hour, the most delicious vegetarian entree ever and a lemon-thyme sparkling soda prepared from a recipe the couple provided.

I wish Jacob and Nehama a lifetime (and then some) of wonderful memories together. Congrats!

[vimeo w=400&h=225]

CinemaCake Filmmakers on Vimeo.

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