Marriage? Hard work.

Today’s issue of the Philadelphia Metro Newspaper included Jonathan Alpert’s weekly column “No More Drama.”  This week, Jonathan tackled the topic of peer-wedding-pressure – what to do when “all” your friends are married or engaged and you feel like you’re trying to catch up.  My favorite sound bite, however, was this:

“If you’re in love with someone and talking next steps, then step away from the idea of a fairy tale wedding and focus on marriage and a life together.”

Trust me – planning a fairy tale wedding is going to be a ton of fun, but not at the expense of planning it with the wrong person.  If my own personal Guest List Grief can teach you anything, it’s that this wonderful, beautiful, exciting event is also a lesson in learning to work together with you new, extended family!

Like I said… the marriage is your job, the wedding is mine! 😉

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