Critical Moss

The idea is growing on me.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.  But a clever designer does.

I’m tossing around some moss ideas for a woodland wedding theme, and stumbled upon a few noteworthy mossterpieces:

  • Ms. Martha Stewart herself grabbed some inspiration from the grounds around her estate in Maine and employee Kevin cobbled together a really cool “mini-landscape” featuring multiple kinds of moss.
  • Tulsa, OK-based Simple Sweet Design offers custom mossy monograms.  Not only can you order your own married initials (perhaps to decorate a mantel at your reception, or the guest book table?), but you can ask for letters in different typeface.  Some people feel very passionately about serifs.
  • Dare me to think of half a dozen uses for RAZ Imports artificial moss ribbon?
    • Handwrapping bouquets
    • Tying around bridal party gifts
    • Creating natural bows for chivari chairs
    • Draping lengths from the ceiling to create a fairytale fringe curtain
    • Covering the unfinished edge of a rental table
    • Slip cuttings into your invitation envelopes as a thematic alternative to parchment paper
      … Didn’t even break a sweat.
  • Etsy comes through once again with this unbearably cute ring pillow.  You will actually find a variety of options if you use Etsy’s search function for “moss ring pillow,” but I don’t think they come any better than April Hiler Designs.
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